Time for some tight denim…

Iconic Swedish label Dr Denim have revolutionised the jeans industry with their cool and progressive tight fitting denim.   Famed for their slick scandinavian style, skinny fit jeans are essential to the Dr Denim lifestyle.  A best-seller at Quattro Rish, our customers’ tend to fall in love instantly with both the ease of the fit and the price tag – around the £55 mark.

The perfect counterpart to your favourite pair of boyfriends’, Dr Denim’s skinny jeans look great when teamed with a more loose fitting blouse/shirt or boxy tee.  As with most successful denim labels, Dr Denim have expanded their collection to include other stylish wardrobe pieces such as the #cotton #lane #dress which features below and has just arrived in-store.


Take a peek at this week’s style inspiration :-


photo 3

Dr Denim Snap jeans 2nd hand light £55 // Custommade Egret white blouse £145 // Sol Sana shoes



photo 2

Dr Denim Plenty Ice jeans raspberry £55 // 5Preview Top £95  // Melissa sandals £85




5Preview top £95



photo 1

Dr Denim Rose superlight aged shorts £55 // Custommade Svea safety yellow blouse £149 // Alpe studded boot £110




The Lane dress £39

Be inspired and enjoy some tight fitting denim the Swedish way !