People + Planet = Guilt-Free Fashion… Introducing Chic French Brand Veja

Guilt-free Fashion

You would be forgiven for not having already heard of über cool French brand Veja. Already in it’s 13th year, Veja has been quietly taking the sneaker market by storm with its environmentally and ethically conscious shoes.

Founded by friends François-Ghislain Morillion and Sébastien Kopp, the vision for Veja was always to make beautiful things that respected the environment, and the people making them. They don’t use sweatshops, they don’t use expensive advertising and they use only ethically sourced materials – all the raw materials are grown and farmed in Brazil, including the rubber, which comes from the Amazon forest. The shoes are also made in Brazil in a factory that fiercely respects and protects the rights of workers.

Eco-friendly shoes that don’t look eco-friendly

Often, eco-friendly products can abandon aesthetics for the sake of the environment but at Veja, eco-friendly does not mean ugly – style is important. Although we love the story behind Veja, we are ultimately drawn by the cool designs, which make Veja sneakers a favourite of the fashion elite.

Veja make simple, minimalist designs that stand the test of time. Designed to be worn by women or men, Veja kicks look equally as good when worn with your favourite jeans or with a dress for a more laid-back Parisian feel.